Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A Strange Evening's End

Try to imagine the scene. You are waiting for your boyfriend to come back from the toilet. Around you is the general hub-bub of your average pirate themed restaurant; chests full of decidedly plastic looking gold, a rather annoying electric parrot, which is cued to say such insightful things as 'Polly wants a cracker' every single time the waiting staff time the waiting staff enter the kitchen, and to top it all the world's worst acrobats attempting (and failing miserably) to perform stunts from the various pieces of rigging wrapped around the 'masts' in the centre of the building. So far they had managed to get entangled in the ropes most of the time, apart from one occasion when one of they attempted a jump and one missed the catch whilst the other plummeted onto a passing waitress.
Outside, medium sized furry animals plunged to their doom from the heavens above. By now a sizeable pile was forming on the streets, and you begin to wonder why the freshly fallen animals aren't surviving due to the cushioning effect of those below them. The sight of all of this is, of course, enough to well and truly put you off your meal, but even if it hadn't the complimentary weevil infested ships biscuit would.
Now add to this your boyfriend, who as he returns makes several gesticulations and eye movements that make slightly less than no sense to you. In response to your inaction his movements become more vigorous, adding head movements to the mix. What would you do? You could scream at him and demand to know what’s going on or you could leave and pretend to ignore him completely.
Instead Chloe leant over to him and whisper into his ear words to the effect of, “Have you gone mad?”
The answer should probably have been yes, but Hans explained that he’d seen a man wearing a pink ribbon, and they needed to follow him as discretely as possible come what may.

Thus ten minutes later they were tailing the man down the streets. Chloe was about thirty metres behind him, sticking to the footpaths whilst simultaneously dodging cats and dogs. Hans however, was determined to trail him in a much more sophisticated spy like fashion, and so was rushing between lampposts, flattening himself against them in a manner that looked utterly ridiculous for a grown man.
After tailing him for five minutes, the man entered a strange looking building. Given they had no way in, they decided to find out more about this place and come back later.