Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Finding the Car

Hans had been feeling rather pleased with himself, he’d managed to find Jane without too much hassle. She’d welcomed him with a hug and they begun chatting about how Hans had acquired his castle. It was at this point that Hans begun to become slightly less pleased. Although he’d forgotten where the car was parked that wasn’t so much a problem as that he’d forgotten what the car looked like.
So he did the mature male thing, and picked a random direction and set off walking that way, in the vague hope that he might stumbled across the car before Jane realised what was going on. About a minute or two later she did. Whether it was his vacant expression, the gazing in each and every direction, or maybe just that he’d walked into a lamp post mere seconds before.
“You’re lost aren’t you Hans?” she said as she leant against the nearest car, tired from dragging a suitcase halfway across an airport car park. (She wasn’t sure it was halfway across, as airport car parks seem to encompass an infinite area, but it sure felt like it.)
“No, I know exactly where we are,” Hans lied.
“Oh yeah, go on then.”
“Err…” stalled Hans,” We’re err… here, in the airport car park.”
“Well done, Einst… eek!” screamed Jane.
Hans was pretty certain about what Jane had just seen. “That’s the car there,” he said putting one and one together and not getting 5.6 for a change.
“Hans is there something you should be telling me, cos it’s not normal to drive about with an unconscious bloke on your back seat! Are you a closet kidnapper or something, cos if you are I’m out of here?”
He related the tale of earlier that day to Jane, and they both climbed into the car, she wasn’t in the mood to argue anymore.
Instead she changed the subject. “How far is it then to this castle I’m supposed to be breaking into,” she asked, glancing back nervously at her shoulder.
“Oh, not too far, we shouldn’t be long at all,” said Hans confidently as he started the car up.