Tuesday, 16 February 2010


The inside of the building was as dark, dingy and cavernous as the outside had made it appear. Mould grew on the damp walls, there were pools of standing water all over the floor, a rickety old table with a lamp atop it and chair tucked underneath it were positioned next to the only other doorway apart from the entrance.
They’d sneaked in whilst the Mr. T look-a-like had paid for the pizza, which had subsequently knocked him out when he’d eaten the slices they’d spiked.
“And this wa really worth all tha time and energy!” exclaimed Ted as he surveyed the room. The room was vast but virtually bare apart from a chair and table that the guard had obviously been sat at and a random cupboard in one corner of the room. “Yeh sure this was tha rite place?”
Hans ran over to the cupboard, “There’s more to this building than this,” as he grabbed hold of it and failed miserably at trying to move it. “Okay, so maybe it doesn’t move then”.
“Or, you’re just a weakling,” said Jane as she pushed it along the grooves she noticed along the ground and it slid away easily to reveal a doorway.